Explaining the principles of torrenting

Torrent is a distributed file sharing protocol for sharing and downloading files. It works by downloading a file by dividing it into small pieces and sharing the pieces among multiple users. Below are steps that explain in detail how torrents work.

Create torrent file

Users who want to share files convert them to torrent files (.torrent). This torrent file contains information about the file you want to share and a hash (unique identifier) of the file fragments.

Tracker connection

When you run a torrent file, it will attempt to connect to the tracker server for that file. Tracker is a central server that tracks and manages users who share and download files. 토렌트

Peer connection

The torrent client receives a list of other users participating in torrents from the tracker server and attempts to connect directly to other users through this list to download files. These users are called peers.

Download file fragments

Users who download a file download the file fragments contained in the torrent file. Pieces are usually divided into small pieces and can be downloaded simultaneously from multiple peers.

Share file fragments

The downloaded file fragments are uploaded to other users participating in the torrent. This sharing allows other users to receive the pieces they need to proceed with their download.

Peer Management

Torrent clients, which exchange file fragments between peers and track download status, manage peers to help with efficient downloads.

Download Complete

After all file fragments are downloaded, the original file is completely reconstructed and becomes available to the user.

Torrenting offers the advantage of quickly downloading large files through efficient distribution among file sharing users. Additionally, download speeds can be fast because peers share pieces with each other, and even if a particular peer stops downloading, pieces can be obtained from other peers, making it durable. However, since it is used not only for legal use but also for illegal file sharing, you should also be aware of legal issues regarding this.

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