New Jeans comeback flares! Bubble Gum music video released

Recently, there is a lot of news about New Jeans and hybe in Korea.

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Summary of the ‘HYBE’ scandal in Korea

In this post, we share news regarding New Jeans’ comeback.

Despite this controversy, the New Jeans comeback schedule seems to be going smoothly.

New Jeans new song Bubble Gum music video

The music video for New Jeans’ new song, Bubble Gum, was released on YouTube.

It was released at midnight on the 27th in Korean time.

Based on the time I write the post, it’s been 7 hours since the music video was released.

But the number of views has already exceeded 3.48 million. It’s a huge rise.

New Jeans’ new song is said to have been partially released as a commercial song for Japanese shampoo.

So many fans became more curious and more interested.

However, now that it is officially released, it is loved by many people.

NEWJEANS made its debut two years ago, and it reached the top in a year and is loved by many people.

This music video concept is a 90s style background and I think it expresses the fresh sensibility of the girls well.

It contains the unique song style of NEWJEANS, and each member’s personality is clear.

Especially in the case of HANNI among the members, she changed her hairstyle to short hair.

So she is attracting a lot of people’s attention.

In addition, the concept of the bubble gum released by NEWJEANS is said to be the first love.

Will the NEWJEANS comeback be delayed?

Many Korean and international NEWJEANS fans were worried.

Because of the recent HYBE controversy.

So fans were worried that the comeback schedule might be delayed.

However, NEWJEANS released their new song music video today.

Fans were a little relieved to see this situation.

The future schedule of NEWJEANS is to release an album. And there is a fan meeting in Japan.

According to the schedule, the album will be released in Korea on May 24, and in Japan on June 21.

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