HYBE VS MIN HEEJIN controversy, says former lawyer!

There is a theme that heats up the Korean community.


There is still a battle between each other.

Nothing has been decided yet, but it’s still in the dark.

In this regard, it is an issue because a former lawyer mentioned the HYBE controversy.

HYBE VS MINHEE JIN. Factual relationship

The reason for this controversy is that HYBE causes the incident first.

Min Hee-jin didn’t start it first.

They could have quietly solved the company’s problems internally, but why would they bother to let it out?

HYBE said first that Min Hee-jin aims to take over HYBE management control.

But the rationale is lacking.

In this situation, HYBE is playing the press.

We are using the press team to generate news articles.

Where is the source of the content in the article? Is it accurate?

HYBE’s lie?

Recently, there have been articles saying that HYBE lied.

This is because the contract between Min Hee-jin and HYBE was disclosed.

They said it was not a slave contract, but when they looked at the contents of the contract, the contents were different.

If she has even 0.1% of HYBE shares, it is a clause that prohibits concurrent employment.

HYBE, however, said it would not be subject to a concurrent employment ban from November 2026.

Doesn’t that make sense?

In addition, in the case of 4.5% of the remaining stake, the stock cannot be sold without HYBE consent.

She can’t even dispose of her shares as she wants, and if she has stocks, she can’t work as a concurrent job.

Isn’t this an unfair contract to keep her?

Therefore, it seems that the majority of the opinion that Min Hee-jin is right in Korea right now.

But their battle is not over yet. It continues.

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