Summary of the ‘HYBE’ scandal in Korea

Recently, there have been a lot of issues related to ‘HYBE’ in Korea.

I’ll organize it in detail what it’s about.

This article was written by a Korean and used a translator.

The sentence might be a little awkward. Please keep that in mind.

HYBE Case Summary

The closest aide of ‘Min Hee-jin’ transferred from HYBE to ADOR.

In this regard, it is suspected that ‘Min Hee-jin’ handed over HYBE’s non-public documents and trade secret documents to ADOR.

In addition, she exercises HYBE’s audit rights and shareholder rights.

Putting this situation together, HYBE called on ‘Min Hee-jin’ to resign.

In response to the demand for resignation, ‘Min Hee-jin’ refused and is at odds with each other.

In addition, Min Hee-jin works to form negative public opinion against HYBE artists to intimidate HYBE.

She also secretly proceeds with conciliatory work while telling the artist’s parents about this.

In addition, she is suspected of leaking the artist’s personal information and employees’ personal information.

Overall, she is believed to have pursued an ADOR independent plan by securing HYBE’s financial information and core trade secrets.

HYBE CEO’s Position

Regarding the incident, the CEO said that the company’s audit will reveal the truth more specifically.

He then said that the purpose of the company’s takeover was clearly revealed, and that the audit was conducted to correct it.

The CEO said that if anything related to the audit is identified, clear action will be taken on those who are responsible.

Above all, the CEO said he would put his top priority on protecting artists so that the comeback and growth of “NEWJEANS” would not be hindered.

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