The Itaewon chocolate shot that’s going crazy in Korea right now?

Right now, Itaewon chocolate injection keywords are very popular in Korea.

Illegal drugs are banned in Korea.

Recently, however, a lot of suspected illegal drugs have occurred in Korea.

Check out what it’s about.

Itaewon chocolate injection, what is it about?

A Korean female YouTuber broadcasted live in Itaewon.

A foreign man gave chocolate to a woman.

Viewers who watched it live said.

Don’t eat that chocolate!

If you eat that chocolate, you’ll be kidnapped!

Food from strangers is never eaten!

A female YouTuber who saw the audience’s reaction looked at the chocolate.

There was a hole in the chocolate.

The hole looks like it’s been stabbed with a needle.

And it was wet around the hole.

She split the chocolate in half because she was suspicious.

When she split the chocolate in half, there was a different color.

The other part of the color was connected to the chocolate hole.

To put it all together, someone used a syringe to inject illegal drugs into chocolate.

When she noticed this, she looked for the man who gave her chocolate, but she couldn’t see it.

What would have happened if the female YouTuber ate chocolate?

Illegal Drugs Banned in Korea

As I mentioned earlier, illegal drugs are prohibited in Korea.

However, various issues related to illegal drugs have recently emerged.

It’s like these are stories that you’d only see in a movie.

But now it’s not a movie, it’s a reality.

In fact, there was an incident in which a private academy in Gangnam handed out drinks containing illegal drugs.

People drank the drinks because they gave them out for free.

And there were a lot of students around there because there were a lot of academies.

Students were exposed to illegal drugs.

It’s a terrible thing.

To protect yourself from these illegal drugs?

You should not eat food whose ingredients cannot be identified.

You should never consume food or drink from strangers.

You should never drink alcohol from strangers at a club or something.

If you are traveling to Thailand, you should not eat the leaves given by the taxi driver.

Even with this care, you can be exposed to illegal drugs.

In the case of illegal drugs, it is not easy for us to notice.

In Korea, we sell kits that can judge these illegal drugs.

Anyone can easily make purchases online.

You can use these identification kits to determine the presence or absence of illegal drugs.

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