Summary of where cadastral maps are used

Cadastral maps (land registration maps) used in real estate and land management are utilized in many different fields. Following are the main areas where Cadastral Map is used.

Real Estate Transactions and Valuations

During real estate transactions, Cadastral Maps are used to determine land boundaries and determine the exact location and size of the property. This is essential for evaluating a property and determining its value. 지적도무료열람

Land ownership and registration

In tasks related to land registration, Cadastral Map is used to verify land ownership and manage registration information. This establishes the legal basis for the real estate transaction.

Real estate development and management

Cadastral Map is utilized to establish land development and use plans and manage real estate efficiently. It helps with lot subdivision, home construction, road and infrastructure development, etc.

Disaster management and environmental monitoring

Disaster management and environmental monitoring utilize land topography, geology, and hydrology information in combination with Cadastral Map. This helps prevent and respond to floods, landslides, environmental pollution, etc.

taxes and public services

Local governments and tax authorities utilize Cadastral Maps for real estate taxes and public service distribution. Local tax departments use the Cadastral Map to estimate real estate taxes and provide credits to property owners.

natural resource management

Cadastral Maps are used in a variety of natural resource management fields, including forests, agricultural lands, and water management, to manage the location and use of resources.

Urban planning and land development

It provides land information necessary for urban planning and land development, and is used as an important tool in controlling urban expansion and land use.

In these various fields, Cadastral Map plays an essential role in land and real estate management. This improves the transparency and efficiency of real estate transactions and allows land management and development projects to proceed smoothly.

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