Work-life balance for male office workers in their 20s: My own way

Hello, I am an office worker in my mid-20s. These days, many people seem to be interested in ‘work-life balance.’ When I first started my career, it was not easy to achieve work-life balance. So, in this post, I would like to share how I am finding work-life balance.

Time Management: Efficient Working Ways

At first, I often worked overtime and on weekends because of work. But as I continued like this, I started to feel like I was missing something really important. So I decided to focus on ‘time management’. I decided to work hard during work hours and have personal time after work. This allowed me to make my evenings and weekends my own.


Hobbies: Recharging energy

To achieve work-life balance, I started taking up hobbies. On the weekends, I play soccer with my friends or learn how to cook. These activities give me new energy and help me tackle the next week of work.

Take care of your health: Maintain physical and mental health

Taking care of your health is also important to maintain work-life balance. I go to the gym and exercise about three times a week. Exercise not only improves physical strength but also helps relieve stress. I also realized that getting enough sleep and healthy eating habits are important.


I think work-life balance is not something that can be achieved all at once, but is a process that requires constant effort. I hope you, like me, find your own balance by making small changes. I will share more useful information in the next post. thank you!

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